Mar 29, 2015


Supergirl by Adam Hughes! (cover to Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #23) #DCWomen

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Mar 28, 2015

Brandon T. Snider

Hey, I have a Facebook Author Page that I’d love it if you liked.

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Mar 27, 2015


Down Time 2 - What do the Avengers do when they’re not saving the world?

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Mar 27, 2015


Down Time 1 - What do the Avengers do when they’re not saving the world?

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Mar 27, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by cantinadanny

More of his awesome work is here: http://cantinadan.com

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Mar 26, 2015

Here’s the awesome mural that used to be in the DC Comics offices in New York City. I took this when I was there meeting about my DC Character Guide. Each character was drawn by an artist associated with them. Can you name them all? I’ll give you a freebie-George Pérez did Wonder Woman.

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Mar 24, 2015


Justice League of America - The Satellite Years

Since I’ve recently redone some of these heroes, I thought it time to do a new post of the first era of the JLA that I’ve done paper cutouts of. You know, in case you needed a new wallpaper or something.

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