Dec 20, 2014


Infographic: 75 Years of Batman

Evolution of Batman Logos

and Batman costumes

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Dec 16, 2014


BLACK LIGHTNING #10 (Aug. 1978)
Art by Trevor von Eeden (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks) & Carl Gafford (colors)
Words by Tony Isabella

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Dec 16, 2014


1985 - Firestar Limited Series house ad

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Dec 15, 2014

Swamp Things by Jesus Saiz

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Dec 15, 2014


Batman: The Animated Series by Khoa Ho / Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr

16” X 24” giclee print, S/N regular edition of 100 and variant edition of 50. Available HERE.

Created and Submitted by: SPACEMAN/Khoa Ho

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Dec 15, 2014


Black Vulcan by Terry Huddleston

Unlike most of the Super Friends, Black Vulcan was not a pre-existing DC Comics character. This is particularly notable since DC Comics’ roster did include an African American superhero with electricity-based powers, Black Lightning, who could not be used on the show due to disputes between DC and Black Lightning’s creator Tony Isabella.

Black Vulcan appeared in The All-New Super Friends Hour cartoon series (episode “The Whirlpool”).

His powers include the ability to emit electricity from his hands. He can also fly by charging his lower body with energy.

In the final incarnation of the series, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, he was replaced with Cyborg, another black superhero that was already well established in DC Comics." - x

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Dec 15, 2014


Evolution of Batmobile by David Lo

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Dec 14, 2014


Panel from Wonder Woman #60, November 1991

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